The modular aluminium trusses RECTA are made by a particular high resistance aluminium alloy that, with difference to the standard application for furnishing, windows and doors fastening, border protection, etc., present superior performance on hardness and rigidity. The tubes assembling is got by a TIG (UNI 8634) welding process, to have a perfect strength-lightness ratio. The beams joining is made by special nylon drive spigots and thighten by high rigidity zinc nuts-bolts.
The quick assembling, the modern and functional design, concur to integrate the structural aspect with scenic elements and lighting systems. The structural reliability of the RECTA system, in the processing of architectonic figures, concurs realisations till now impossible by traditional materials. The truss static valuation, especially on the main elements that compose it, have allowed an evolution of the RECTA system and the creation of shapes, from an architectonic profile, balanced and with great aesthetic appearance.  



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